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Dear Friend,

My name is Bill Lurie and I am the owner of Teaching Guitar Lessons.com - for over 27 years I have taught music lessons to both adults and children in the greater Montreal Area. Aside from an active private lesson program at my music school The Guitar Study Center we also taught many group classes in and around Montreal.

For 18 of those years my music school was responsible for the guitar lesson program at The Montreal Association for The Blind. We also taught summer guitar classes at several day camps including a seven year summer program for the City of Cote St. Luc where we taught group classes to literally thousands of children. My school was located in Westmount Quebec for 11 years and then in Montreal for 8 years. Prior to that I was the musical director for The Sound Box and Oasis Music also located in Montreal. I started teaching in 1972 and recently sold my music school to The Academy of Guitar also located in Montreal.

During my career as a music teacher I had the honor of appearing on the CTV television show "The Don McGowan Show" with Gaten Boucher Canada's gold medal winner in speed skating. My segment was on the musical program I was teaching at the Montreal Association for the Blind. I also appeared on C.B.C. radio as an expert in recreational music during several call in shows for the entire province of Quebec. I even had my own youth variety show on our local cable network which featured talented teenagers from the Montreal area.

I have also written newspaper articles about musical education for both the Senior Times and for The Montreal Musician.

Ever since I was 15 years of age I had always wanted to have a school where anyone could attend and learn any type of music they wanted to regardless of their musical background or ability. My school was such a place and over the many years that I have had the pleasure of teaching, I encountered all kinds of wonderful students. Most of my students were recreational players who played music as a hobby. A few of our students went on to professional careers in music either through a university program or via the professional band route.

To me every student was an individual whose musical tastes and aspirations were the motivating factor that drove them to practice. Consequently our school became known as the only place where any student could learn any song they wanted any time they wanted to learn it.

The information contained in the reports is all true. Every single piece of advice given has been used by me to either make more money or to save some money. There are lots of great teachers out there, but I learned a long time ago, that only those teachers who also had a good business sense would ever be able to make money teaching. My reports show you how to do exactly that.

Best regards,
Bill Lurie

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