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The Make Money Teaching Guitar Reports

Copyright: ©2004, William David Lurie (Bill Lurie)
Author: Bill Lurie
Editor: Randall Prue

These reports are for guitar teachers only.
All the information discussed relates to how to make money
teaching guitar or teaching bass guitar.

If you do not teach guitar, but teach or want to teach
other subjects such as karate, ballet, cooking, math,
computers, skiing, basketball, swimming, embroidery,
driving, etc. you can benefit from my other Web site
Make Money Teaching.

The following information is what you are going to learn.


name: Paul, Submit

address: San Fancisco, CA

I teach: Guitar and Bass

I bought the reports because: I want to make extra money teaching part time

The information helped me because:shows me what to do and what to expect

The most useful information was: I liked the advertising report - never considered there were so many ways to get students to call you.

Other Comments: glad I bought it

From The Advertising Report

200% increase in your ad response rate if you use this secret.
Save up to 50% on your classified advertising.
This secret alone saved me $150 each month.
Stop wasting your money on useless ads.
Secrets on where to advertise and where not to bother.
Killer headlines that will dramatically get them calling you instead of your competition.
Yellow pages?
Why you need to be there even if you work part time and work alone.
Yellow Pages?
Secrets on how to make it cheaper than the classified!
Yellow Pages?
Secrets on how to get noticed in a busy section.
30 advertising secrets that made me tens of thousands of dollars.
Ideas your competition never thought of.
When to advertise and when not to.
Do this and you'll save big!
Secrets on how to get the best ad placement.
Over 10,000 words and 30 pages of vital information.

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Here is my testimony:
I am a guitar teacher just starting out to develop my own teaching studio. This information has given me the answers to many questions regarding advertising, what to say to prospective students, how to teach a great lesson and more. I was unable to find out answers from other teachers, possibly because they didn't know the answers themselves. I think this information will give me a very good chance to develop my business. Bob from Chicago, Illinois

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From The Registration Report:

    Why an unanswered phone can cost you plenty.

    8 telephone tips that will secure you clients
    even if you don't answer when the customer first calls.

    How to answer the phone so you get the student, not lose them.

    How to make the customer believe that you
    are the most qualified even if you're not.

    What 13 questions the customer will want answered
    before they will sign up.

    The 13 answers to the 13 questions
    that will blast your enrollment through the roof.

    How to get some valuable references
    even if you're just starting your teaching career.

    How to use your existing and previous customer base
    to get more students.

    How to take control of that critical first call
    and book that student.

    How to quickly increase your registration no matter what.

    The one convenience to offer your customers
    that will absolutely increase your registration by 15-25%

    Over 9000 words and 30 pages of vital information.

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    name: Andrew, Submit

    address: Greensburg, IN

    I teach: Guitar

    I bought the reports because: To get more info on opening a teaching business

    The information helped me because: They outlined virtually every aspect of teaching - they are great!

    The most useful information was: I liked the business one

FromThe Business Strategies Report

    How to make $50 or more an hour teaching.
    I have made as much as $120/hr doing this.

    Working with others in your neighborhood for mutual profitability.

    Lesson products you never thought of
    that will make you lots of extra income.

    The secrets to upselling.
    How to get your students to spend more on lessons.

    Non Teaching revenue sources that students will spend money on.
    I've made over $50,000 from these.

    Creative ways for schools to cut your overhead.
    I'm saved $10,000 with just one of these ideas.

    How to set up a rental program for equipment your students need
    and would rather rent than buy.

    Rent to own? Worked for my students.
    This report shows you how.

    Where's the best place to set up shop?
    Your home? Your neighborhood? Downtown? I'll tell you.

    The more you pay out in business expenses, the less you earn.
    Save 15-25% just by reading this one report!

    Over 13,000 words and 41 pages of vital information


    name: Susan, Submit

    address: Prescott, Arizona

    I teach: Guitar

    I bought the reports because: I want to open my own guitar school and sell instruments as well

    The information helped me because: These reports tell me everything I need to know to to teach and open a retail store also

    The most useful information was: every report had great value, lots of
    money saving tips and observations about guitar students that are worth their weight in gold. Best "book" I'll ever buy on starting my own business

    Other Comments: as above

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